Holiday Shopping - Best Gift Ideas for Seniors

Seniors can be tricky to buy for, and are often the ones we have on our list the longest, waiting for inspiration. Sure, slippers and sweaters are cozy, and if you know they need them, go ahead! But otherwise, try to think of what’s important to them now, and how they love to spend their time.

Hobbies & Pastimes

Sharing items you’ve enjoyed or will experience in tandem helps create connection and interesting conversations through the year.

  • A tablet or other device preloaded with a few favourite games, with connections to family members and friends via email, Facebook account, etc. already set up
  • Memory games
  • Adult colouring books with high quality pencil crayons
  • Puzzles – crosswords, jigsaw, 3D
  • Craft supplies for their favourite hobby or something new to try
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Books – something you’ve read, a favourite author, learning something new.
  • Memberships or subscriptions to monthly gift services based on their interests

Meaningful Gifts & Memories

These help preserve favourite memories, or celebrate the contributions seniors make to our lives.

  • Photo gifts – calendars, blankets, digital frame, photo books from family or from their own photos
  • Family favourites cookbook – either collect from family for the senior or create book of senior’s recipes to share with family
  • Upgrade their technology – replace favourite VHS movies with DVD, load a device with music from their old cassette or CD collection.
  • Journals or blank books for those who enjoy writing – try adding prompts or questions and let them know what you’d love to know about their lives.

Gifts of Time

These types of gifts take a little more thinking, but are likely the most valuable in a senior’s eyes.

  • Tickets to an event
  • Gift certificate for a pedicure together
  • Stock their freezer with homemade meals and treats
  • Gift certificate to a restaurant for you to go together
  • Gift certificates to have special dates with grandchildren through the year

Handy & Around the Home

Think of items they may need to give up or change as their capabilities change, and look for ways they can still enjoy their favourite things in smaller, or safer ways.

  • Flameless candles could replace real ones,
  • Single serve coffeemaker
  • Power shovel to clear snow easily
  • Large print versions of favourite or often used items
  • Large print universal remote (especially if you can program it for them)

Special Considerations

Gift giving becomes more poignant as we watch those we love struggle with the effects of Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. There will be many times you will still want to give a gift, but the list of what’s appropriate will change as time goes on.

  • Memory boxes – choose a theme based on favourite hobbies or talents from younger years, and fill a box with practical and sentimental items that suit their capability or understanding.
  • Favourite photos from the time your senior parent is most closely identifying right now. They may still enjoy seeing their childhood photos, wedding photos, photos of their own children.

Finding the best gift for your senior parent doesn’t have to be hard! Just think of how they spend their days, and what makes them happiest. If you find gifts that can increase enjoyment of their days, or tell them how much they mean to your family, you’ll have a winner.

Beyond a gift this holiday season, you might feel what you want most is to make sure they are cared for when you can’t be there…long beyond the holidays. If you’re looking for ongoing support and companionship, it might be time to learn about in-home care to see if it might be the solution you’re seeking.

Have questions or feedback on what you just read? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to chat with you.

                                                                                                                ~  Senior Homecare by Angels Calgary team