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Choosing the Right Home Care Agency

We’ve put together a list of important considerations when choosing the right agency to help you along:

Communication and Transparency

Does the home care provider allow you to select your Caregiver?

Will the same Caregiver be visiting?

Are you a locally owned business?

How easy is it to reach your homecare provider?

What hours are you available?

What geographic areas do you cover?

How quickly can services be provided?

How do I start services?

What if I need specific requirements that are out of the ordinary?

What are the qualifications of your caregivers?

Has the Caregiver had a personalized background screening?

What are your hourly rates?

What are our payment options?

Do you have a minimum number of service hours?

Do I sign a contract?

Wouldn't it be better to find a caregiver on my own?

Will the Caregiver work with your loved one’s lifestyle?

Does the homecare provider build relationships with the entire family?

Who is ultimately in charge of the decision-making?


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