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Choosing the Right Home Care Agency

We’ve put together a list of important considerations when choosing the right agency to help you along:

Communication and Transparency

We understand how stressful it can be to have a loved one that needs help living independently. At Senior Homecare by Angels, we want to alleviate some of those stresses by giving you real-time transparency to the care process by helping to ease some of the logistical burdens with our online Family Room portal.

With the Family Room (available to you at no cost, you will be able to access records of care online from any device with internet access.

Additionally, you and other family members can use a shared calendar to coordinate between yourselves and track visits scheduled by your caregivers, as well as to track invoices.

In addition, we are only a phone call away 24 x 7 and we offer you a toll free number.

Does the home care provider allow you to select your Caregiver?

At Senior Homecare By Angels we take the time to ensure we match a caregiver that not only has the skills to meet your needs but has the right personality as well. We have developed a dedicated and loyal base of caregivers whom we know really well, so it makes matching the right caregiver and client relatively easy.

We really try to focus on things that both the client and caregiver can bond over, such as similar likes, hobbies and backgrounds.

Once we choose a caregiver whom we feel is the best match, we then set up another meeting with our client and their family, so they can meet our caregiver and make the final choice.

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Will the same Caregiver be visiting?

Some agencies continually send new, unfamiliar staff to care for clients, which can create an uncomfortable situation. We strive to maintain “continuity of care” (we keep the same caregiver you select with you as long as possible).

Are you a locally owned business?

Yes. Gerry Gatto, is the owner of Senior Homecare by Angels in Calgary, Alberta.

How easy is it to reach your homecare provider?

If you call a home care agency in the evening or on weekends, or holidays nothing is more frustrating than reaching an answering machine and waiting long periods of time for a return call. It’s even worse when the person who answers the phone is in a call center on the other side of the country and doesn’t know you or your family.

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond to your after hours call in 15 minutes or less! You can rest assured that you will speak with someone from our local office who is familiar with you and your family. We’re committed to serving your needs in the way that’s most convenient for you! 

What hours are you available?

Senior Homecare by Angels maintains regular office hours at 340, 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW, Calgary, Alberta. In addition, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone at 403-862-0129.

What geographic areas do you cover?

Senior Homecare by Angels provides service to clients in Calgary, and surrounding areas. We also have an office in Edmonton.

How quickly can services be provided?

Generally, services can be provided within a 48-hour period, and often the same day.

We know that many times when a potential client calls us that they are in a crisis situation. For that reason we can respond as quickly as needed. We can conduct an initial meeting the same day we are called and in many situations we have been able to initiate service on that same day.

We can start service on a Weekend, a Holiday or in the evening. We are here to serve you and your family.

How do I start services?

Call us today. We will come to your home and conduct a free, no obligation assessment.

We will then, at your direction, identify caregivers who have the skills, personality and availability to assist you. You then will be able to meet the caregiver and if you approve, they will begin working for you.

What if I need specific requirements that are out of the ordinary?

At Senior Homecare by Angels, we listen to your needs. We customize the care plan to meet your needs, whether it is for respite (as needed), regular daily/weekly schedule, overnight/day shifts or 24 hour care. We provide services wherever you need them, including private residences, nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living, etc.

What are the qualifications of your caregivers?

Many of our caregivers and companions are certified HCAs (Health Care Assistants) or PSWs (Personal Support Workers) or have other credentials, such as LPN or RN. However, we feel that it is even more important that all of our caregivers are experienced. We make every effort to focus on maturity and personality, as well as credentials.   

Has the Caregiver had a personalized background screening?

Our personalized caregiver background screening system is designed to maximize your peace of mind, which includes criminal background and vulnerable sector checks.

What are your hourly rates?

Please call the office at 403-862-0129. Rates vary for hourly or live-in service. Senior Homecare by Angels offers custom care plans that cover a full range of companion and personal assistance services to fit your needs. In-Home care is affordable while offering high quality service!

What are our payment options?

We accept personal cheques, cash, VISA and MasterCard. Payment is usually two weeks in advance of service, unless otherwise arranged.

Do you have a minimum number of service hours?

Yes. Our minimum visit is a two or three hour blocks.

Do I sign a contract?

Yes, Senior Homecare by Angels has a Client Services Agreement, which details contact information, services desired, pricing, and an assessment of your needs. There is no term associated with the agreement and can be cancelled at any time.

Wouldn't it be better to find a caregiver on my own?

We offer our caregivers long-term, stable employment without the hassles of constantly seeking work opportunities. We offer you the benefits of screened and qualified caregivers backed by our agency. Additionally, Senior Homecare by Angels handles any unexpected caregiver problems that may arise. You never have to deal with the burden of finding substitutes or scheduling conflicts. Senior Homecare by Angels takes care of each caregiver’s payroll taxes, tax reports, worker’s compensation insurance, etc. These details and responsibilities can be overwhelming if you are considering finding and hiring a caregiver on you own. Check our recent blog on this topic. Choosing an Agency vs Hiring Privately 

Will the Caregiver work with your loved one’s lifestyle?

Senior Homecare by Angels will not dictate to you what your schedule is to be (i.e. what time to get up, when to bathe, meals, schedules etc.) We also do not require you to adjust your schedule to accommodate the needs of our staff. You are the boss. It is our job to adjust to your schedule and to see to it that you remain comfortable in your own home.

Does the homecare provider build relationships with the entire family?

Senior Homecare by Angels service model and core values are built on relationships. We take the time to get to know our clients and their families, during our initial assessment, through to the caregiver introduction. We involve the families at every stage and provide regular updates.

Who is ultimately in charge of the decision-making?

At Senior Homecare by Angels we stress that our clients are in charge. We are not here to take away their independence, we are here to enhance and ensure they can remain independent.

We will do as much or as little as is requested.


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