Caring For Mentally Alert Seniors With Physical Limitations


Caring For Mentally Alert Seniors With Physical Limitations

“The mind is there, but the body isn’t.” This is a sentiment both spoken and thought on a regular basis by many a seniors in our country. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to be a senior to feel that your body isn’t keeping up with your mind. As we age, we sometimes forget that the things we once took for granted won’t be so easy at some point.


For example, generally speaking, the majority of us are able to walk up and down the stairs with ease. But for many individuals across Canada, the act of taking that first step can prove difficult. Everything from back pain to vision impairment can be reasons why the act of climbing stairs becomes a huge physical challenge. As you can imagine, being a caregiver of a person who is completely mentally alert, but also facing mobility issues can be a challenge as well.


Focus on the mind before the body


This might sound like a strange piece of advice considering the fact that we’re speaking about elderly individuals who are mentally alert. But, it’s important to remember that battling physical limitations can be taxing on one’s emotional state. Friendly reminders that it’s completely normal to have certain difficulties at an advanced age can help to alleviate some of the stress that comes with having mobility issues.


Take part in activities that require mental agility, but little physical effort


Remind your loved one just how alert he/she is. A decrease in physical strength, as we’ve been highlighting, doesn’t indicate the weakening of a person’s mind. Once you’ve addressed the emotional strength of your elderly loved one, be sure get him/her to engage in activities that will demonstrate just how together he/she really is after all. Puzzles, Scrabble and crosswords come to mind.


Promote your care recipient’s independence

What physical activities can your elderly loved one do on his/her own? Encourage those activities. Remind your love one that he/she is not helpless by allowing such acts as getting dressed and brushing teeth to be done alone. The importance of independence cannot be understated. No matter how old a person gets, he/she will always value the ability to do things independently. Foster that need by engaging in doable activities regularly.


Schedule numerous social engagements


One of the top complaints of a Canadian senior is loneliness. A person who experiences physical limitations is less likely to put the energy into visiting friends, taking walks in the park and engaging with others if travel is involved. It’s important, however, to get your elderly loved one to engage in social activities. Sitting and talking, playing cards and other forms of interacting with others don’t require much physical exertion.


Make use of modern technology


Modern technology allows people to communicate in ways that were once unheard of. Do you recall the days when seeing the person you were speaking to on the phone was considered a science-fiction-based concept? Today, services such as Skype and FaceTime allow people to speak face-to-face even when they’re miles apart. A mentally alert senior with physical limitations can greatly benefit from conversations with distant loved ones without having to move a muscle.


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