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Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Support Services 

The development of arthritis or osteoarthritis can feel devastating to an aging loved one’s independence. The pain, fatigue, and disability caused by arthritis can affect an individual’s ability to care for themselves and take care of their responsibilities. They can also limit mobility and increase the risk of social isolation when it becomes just too difficult to get around.

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints that commonly shows up as redness, swelling, pain and stiffness. It can affect both weight bearing and non-weight bearing joints, limiting mobility and comfort. Left untreated, it can cause more serious symptoms and be very debilitating. It can affect anyone, at any age, and requires early treatment to ease pain and suffering. If you have an aging loved one suffering from these symptoms, it’s valuable to consult a family doctor as soon as possible to see if arthritis is the cause.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, and can be caused by overuse or damage to joint tissue or simply through aging. While there is no cure, there are ways to mitigate damage, protect joints, or reduce pain. A doctor should always be consulted in order to advise on treatment options, physical therapy or exercises that may help. Joint replacement is also an option in the most extreme cases.

Caregiving and Arthritis

If an aging loved one in your family is suffering from arthritis or osteoarthritis, it’s likely that they are in need of some type of support. It’s also possible that those who have managed a fairly independent lifestyle for some time will, over time, need to accept some help.

It can also be valuable to enlist support to take on a few regular areas so you know the most important tasks are being taken care of reliably. A caregiver can provide transportation or pick up groceries and help with meal preparation. They can visit regularly to keep a senior from getting lonely and help ensure they can manage around the house, as well as offer hygiene assistance.


We have a full range of support services to create a customized care plan for those with Arthritis and Osteoarthritis:   We provide physical therapy & massage, exercise and occupational therapy. We bring all of our services to you. View our full list of services.

There may not be a cure for arthritis or osteoarthritis, but acting quickly can improve an individual’s quality of life through the treatments that are available. Senior Homecare by Angels would happy to work with you to customize a plan of care to address your loved one’s needs.

For more information on when to know if the time is right to explore in-home care, take our senior care assessment.

Home Care Solutions That Work For You

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