Client Directed Home Care Program


CDHC Program

The Senior Homecare by Angels team proudly offers Home Care Services. As your home care provider, we endeavor to always provide personalized service that is built around your needs. In addition, we recognize that peace of mind also comes from working with professionals at a price that won’t break your budget.

We understand, of course, that there are financial concerns that come with securing a home care specialist. This is why we’re so happy to be a registered service provider with Alberta Blue Cross. Thanks to their Client Directed Home Care program, we can directly bill Alberta Blue Cross on your behalf for our home care clients.


What are the top benefits of the Client Directed Home Care program?

As Alberta Blue Cross informs us, Client Directed Home Care supports people of all ages with their personal and home care needs. One of its main benefits is that it allows most people who are approved or eligible for AHS Public Home Care or Self Managed Care (SMC) to select their preferred private home care service vendor without having to directly submit for reimbursement.

Launched in the Calgary Zone in January 2023, the Client Directed Home Care Invoicing Program (CDHC) provides an invoicing option that is worry-free. To receive home care services, you must be an Alberta resident with a valid health care card. You must also meet the requirements determined by an Alberta Health Services case manager. As well, your needs must be safely met in your home.


What exactly is home care and who is it for?

As Alberta Health Services informs us, “Home Care provides help with activities of daily living that the client cannot do themselves or cannot get help with from another source; these are often activities that are considered necessary for the client to safely maintain their independence, like personal hygiene or medication management.”

Alberta Health Services specifies that home care is for people of all ages, not just seniors. Anyone living in Alberta and who has a valid healthcare card can receive home care services. This is true as long as their needs can be met safely in their place of residence. “Home Care helps people remain well, safe and independent in their home for as long as possible,” states the AHS website, “Home Care philosophy promotes client independence, and supplements care and supports provided by families and community services.”


What is it like to be cared for by an angel?

At Senior Homecare by Angels, we carefully select a certified caregiver (an “angel”) to visit your home as many times a week as needed. Care recipients receive visits as often as needed from 3 to 24 hours per day. Our angels assist with such things as hygrine assistance, bathing and dressing, changing the bed sheets and doing the laundry. As well, grocery list planning, running errands and preparing healthy meals are also part of a caregiver’s tasks.

Do you need your loved one to be taken to medical appointments or out for some daily exercise? Our angels can help with that too! To learn more about the Home Care Services provided by Senior Homecare by Angels, please don’t hesitate to call us at 403-862-0129. If you’re outside of Calgary, you can call us toll-free at 1-877-209-6142. You may also visit our Contact Us page to complete and submit a simple contact form!